In His Words
Anonymous - May 30, 2014

2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”   What is my purpose? What career should I pursue? What ministry does God want to use me in? What are my spiritual gifts?  

So many questions arise in our crazy lives that simply overwhelm us with choices. As humans we are finite and less equipped at times to make these decisions on our own. I am not talking about the little decision like what to eat for lunch, but the questions that will direct our futures. For centuries, people have searched in some absurd ways to find what God’s greater purpose was for their lives. Some have tried to read fortunes, interpret bones and even drank blood from animals. As followers of Christ, we may laugh at these strange methods but we are just as guilty. We might flip a coin, give God ultimatums or even looks for signs (like whoever wins a sport game). That is correct; we are just as guilty as our crazy ancestors. Today, we can find God’s plan in one very special and sacred place. This place is the Bible! NKJV reads that Scripture is given by the inspiration of God”. Inspiration in this terminology simply means that God “breathed” the scriptures. For something to be breathed it is to come from deep within our being and the very fiber of our existence. God put all He is and all He will be in His instruction manual for us. The next question is; “why did He do this?” That is very simple as it is lined out in the second portion of this verse. God’s word is profitable for Doctrine. Doctrine is where we learn about the character of God. This is how we learn about all that He has done for us. Secondly, we look at the Reproof section of this verse. In order to know why we need God and His gift of Jesus

Christ, we need to understand what is wrong with us. Thirdly, Correction becomes inevitable to point us away from the things that separate us from God and influence a change in our hearts. Lastly; Instruction for Righteousness is necessary for us to know how to live like Christ. Once we turn our lives to Christ and follow Him, decisions in life become a little less important, yet they still remain. So that leads us to visit the very last section of this verse. Once our life is committed to looking for Gods direction in our lives through His word, something amazing happens. He leads us and guides us for EVERY good work He has set out for our lives. God has a plan for every detail and as we are looking to Him for guidance, He will give it to US! Amen

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