Anonymous - April 10, 2015

Seasons “But You, O Lord, are a shield for me. My glory and the One who lifts up my head. I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me form His holy hill.” (Psalm 3:3-4). The seasons of life definitely seem to change quicker and more often than the seasons of the year. Once one trial is over, another begins. It could also be true for good seasons, one blessing followed by another. Many times it is a good mixture of both and life goes on, and on. No matter what the scenario might be for us at the moment, we cannot take our eyes off of the Lord. Let’s begin by the better of the two, a time of calm and prosperity. It’s a place we pursue and envy but once achieved, even for a brief moment, a catastrophe may follow. We forget about something, or rather Someone. It’s far too easy to live under the illusion that somehow we are self-reliant, self-sufficient, or simply awesome. We tend to lose sight of the fact that it is God who sustains us. It is He who gives and takes away; it is Him whom we serve. The book of Judges quickly comes to mind. The nation of Israel after years of prosperity and serving the Lord would simply forget and turn to idols. They would worship other gods abandoning God’s commands and promises. How often is it true in our lives where we have a season of prosperity and all of a sudden God is out of the picture. The same may happen in times of trials and tribulation, although one might say that that’s where we rely on God more than ever. Yes, it is true that God’s strength in shown most in our weaknesses, but what happens if the season lasts for more that few weeks, or sometimes months? What happens where one arrives at a place where it seems as if God doesn’t hear our cries? We often take matters into our own hands. Once again self-reliance and assurance creep in. When Sarai, Abraham’s wife, could not wait on the Lord any longer she took matters in her own hands. We now know that that was not God’s will and later they were blessed with a child, as God promised. Sarai wanted to rely on her own, limited understanding and doubt took over. We need to be watchful on a daily basis. We are at war with the enemy and our flesh. Let us not forget that God is our shield and we serve the Almighty. Seasons come and go. They constantly change but God stays the same. Want to find out more about what it means to have a personal relationship with God? You can read more about God’s Plan of Redemption or contact the ministry team with any questions.