Seeking Man's Favor
Anonymous - July 3, 2015

Seeking Man's Favor “Many seek the ruler’s favor; but every man’s judgment cometh from the LORD.” (Pro 29:26) Many times in my life I've tried getting myself out of a situation or finding a way in. I would use different tactics but of course seeking favor in the eyes of whoever was in charge was the best way. I found myself carrying that attitude with me into my Christian life. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t God’s way of handling that type of situation. A couple of months ago I had a conversation with my wife about finding favor in peoples’ eyes. I was going through a process of seeking new employment, and my wife through rejection by someone she really wanted to build a relationship with. The conversation was started based on the book my wife picked up some time ago, “30 Days to Taming your Tongue” by D.S. Pegues. I’m always very skeptical of titles such as this. It reminds me of the countless books with “5 steps to happiness”, “10 steps to this or that”. However this was different. The chapter begins by a quote from the book of Jude, “These people…flatter others to get favors in return” (Jude 1:16). God used my wife to make me reflect on this aspect of my life. He challenged me to reexamine my heart and rely on Him instead of myself. I realized that flattery is my lack of faith in Him. I’m not talking about complementing someone being a bad thing, but doing so in order to gain something can be. The desired favor is not always of material nature, or status, but simply acceptance. In the weeks prior to the conversation I was running through all the things I said at the interview, wondering if I was liked. I knew the interview went well and I did a good job on the questions while remaining honest but I had a great deal of anxiety. I kept thinking about how I could have done it differently and so on. I was faithless. It was my lack of trust in God that made me arrive at a place such as this. I brought my burden to God. I was reminded that He is the opener and closer of doors. We see multiple times in a bible where God gives favor to His people with little or no effort on their part. Joseph in Egypt or Daniel with the king’s officer may serve as examples here. I’m not advising for anyone to go to an interview unprepared, not give people complements, or not go the extra mile for our bosses. I think we all should do those things but in a genuine condition of our heart, with no expectations of something in return. Let our intentions be pure, loving, and patient to all without partiality. Let us be Christ-like.

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