New Seasons
Anonymous - Oct. 31, 2015

New Seasons We all know Fall is here..(yay!) and with that there are plenty of changes that need to be made. For some of us (desert rats) the only external changes might be a drop in weather, and a little bit of rain. But for others that have strong, cold winters with snow and ice, your changes are a little more important due to safety. As a whole, we still have to get out our jackets, gloves and hats. Put away bathing suits and shorts, maybe get a new tablecloth with darker colors, and chop some firewood!…. (and thank God we don't have to depend on snow blowers) Other changes also come with the seasons that are more internal. God did not call us to stay in one place. We are to prepare, to grow. He tells us, “God Who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in His grace until His work within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns" (Philippians 1:6). A very important part of being a Christian is growing. Preparing for the change in our seasons as we mature, seek a faithful walk, and listen for the calling he has for us. Preparing and growing in our hearts, so that in the times we face in life that are cold or our safety is insecure, we can be rooted in his promise, that HE is not finished with us. With life comes seasons, here on earth. With Jesus comes seasons also. Changes and growth.  The beginning of new wonders. Did you know that roots grow deep when the wind is strong?  This new season can be a time of reflection as we must wind down, and warm up. The Lord is always good.  He reminds us in His Word,  that He plans to deepen our walks and strengthen us. Even though we desire immediate results and  worry while we anxiously wait for them, He is the process. And as hard as it can get, we must remember that He who began the work in us will continue it until it is finished! So welcome Fall, wind and cold weather!  We are preparing externally but more importantly internally.  We are growing in Your word, trusting You Lord that You will return, but in the meantime You have got us and are working in us. So don't just sit there Christian, prepare and continue to grow! Welcome pumpkin pies and caramel apples too! Thank you Jesus! Want to find out more about what it means to have a personal relationship with God? You can read more about God’s Plan of Redemption or contact the ministry team with any questions