Weekly Devotion: Life Of David
Anonymous - Dec. 4, 2015

Life of David I have been reading through the books of 1st and 2nd Samuel in my reading time. At first I read about the life of Samuel the prophet and was blessed and even impressed at the man he was, his heart, and his faithfulness to God. Then there was Saul. A man who had great potential, great natural abilities, and a great calling by God, but who choose to walk after the flesh and disobey God. I quickly saw a pattern of un-repentance and self justification in Saul and the Bible says that because he rejected the word of the Lord, that the Lord had rejected him from being king over Israel and sought out a man after His own heart to be king. Then that brings us to David. I love the story of David and have always been encouraged by his example. When I think of David I think of a man with great faith in God and great intimacy in his relationship with God. He definitely left a legacy of being those things but I was drawn towards another perspective as I was reading through his story this time. In concurrence with the stories of his great victories I saw that there were many of his failures as well. David had times where he lapsed from faith into fear and acted accordingly, forgetting God and his promises. He sought refuge in in a Philistine city and surrounded himself by a pagan people group with false gods and false worship and no fear of God. While he was there he raided cities, killing men women and children and deceived the king about the places he had been. He even led others there and in these acts. He allowed his anger and desire for revenge to rule him before he was rebuked by the woman Abigail who reminded him that the Lord would save him and be his defense. He took multiple women as wives, which was the beginning of a downhill slide for him. And we all know the story of David committing adultery with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, which caused him to be deceptive and even murder Uriah the Hittite. He had times of hardening his heart and of un-repentance. He failed to discipline his sons rightly. I am only in chapter 15 of 2 Samuel and have seen all of this and more! Rather than judging David, I am more inclined, in a strange way, to take comfort in his story. I can see he had great ups and great downs, that he trusted the Lord and had great faith, and he also had great fear and forgot God. I see his obedience and commitment to the Lord as well as his failure to seek God and walk in His ways. And yet this was the man who in the end was chosen by God to rule over his people and to be king. He was a man upon whom was the Spirit of God and who even wrote Scripture! He is remembered for his heart after God, his faith, and his great victories for the Lord. He is even mentioned in the “hall of faith” in Hebrews 11:32. I am reminded in reading all of this that God has a plan for my life! Even in my failure, God’s calling has never changed and I can walk in those good plans that He has prepared for me today. Remember this week that God desires to use you! He is seeking those who have a heart after His own to be His witnesses. 2 Ti 2:21, “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.” Want to find out more about what it means to have a personal relationship with God? You can read more about God’s Plan of Redemption or contact the ministry team with any questions