Jesus And His Bride
Anonymous - Dec. 25, 2015

As a little girl I loved princesses (Surprise, surprise). Up until recently I thought they were something I’d outgrown, but I’ve found my mind wandering back to the child like wonder I once had about it. In the books and movies princesses were beautiful, loved by everyone, played a valuable role, and married a handsome prince. What’s not to love? Well, waiting, for one thing. Princesses in the stories always have to wait for someone and as a twenty-first-century woman this concept was annoying. In fact, a few nights ago I was talking with a couple of single friends about boys and our overall frustration with waiting for the man God has planned for us. It wasn’t long before Ruth was brought up. Probably the most romantic story in the Bible, Ruth became a widow at a young age, devoted herself to her mother-in-law, followed her to a foreign country, and proceeded to work hard every day to provide for herself and the only bit of family she had left. Until a man named Boaz took notice of her and married her. Every girl wants to find her Boaz, but what my friends and I clung to in that moment was the part where Boaz had things he needed to settle and Ruth had to wait. There's that word again. Yet this story reflects Jesus’s second coming - the bride swept away in the night. The entire Bible, in a way, is one big love story about God and his love for his bride, the church. He promised He’d be back for us and, like Boaz, He won’t rest until He has settled things. In the mean time we should be diligent workers. Not waiting for the Lord, but waiting on the Lord. Don’t be caught sleeping in a tower, but be actively listening, following, and walking in God’s decrees. As for pining for a relationship… When looking at this short life in comparison to all of eternity it’s more important to invest time and energy in the only relationship that will matter in the end, the one between you and God. Want to find out more about what it means to have a personal relationship with God? You can read more about God’s Plan of Redemption or contact the ministry team with any questions