Fulfilling Scripture
Anonymous - April 1, 2016

Fulfilling Scripture

One of the most recent works God has done in my heart is pinpointing the things in my life that keep me from fulfilling Scripture. And we know that God will lead the way to help us to fulfill Scripture. Certainly, if God wants something implemented into our lives, He is going to open doors and lead the way for those specific things.

First to fulfill Scripture, you have to know what Scripture says. So only when I have read Titus 2:3-5 will I know that I am to be an example of not gossiping, not being given to alcohol, teaching and encouraging good things, loving my husband and daughter, being tactful and discreet, being chaste and pure, etc, and that I should be able to see that example in other women.

Sometimes it can be really hard to fulfill Scripture if we are haunted by or feel the pressure of our past failures. When I think about my past of failure when it comes to discretion, or gossip, or discouraging others my human nature wants to curl up in a ball and cry. But thank God for His grace. We, as the body of Christ, have a mighty God who loves to help us in mighty ways. If there has been repentance and growth in that area, then I don't want to remember that I saw my friend Sally (I don't have a friend named Sally) make fun of someone in front of everyone and I certainly don't want Sally to remember when I gossiped about that celebrity or musician.

As His grace and fellowship help us to fulfill Scripture, it's obviously also going to help us sort through what keeps us from fulfilling His Scripture. For a personal example, I have not been fulfilling always having joy in that sometimes I catch myself thinking or talking about how much I hate my daily long drives since I live so far away from my areas of activity, when the root of the problem is my own hardness of heart and lack of faith. God moved in us to move far away, so certainly the long drives are a part of His bigger plan.

Sometimes when I feel like the Lord wants me to share something that He has done in my life Satan rushes to make me believe that I have nothing to offer. Satan twists our mentalities to confuse us, wanting us to forget that it was God who worked in our lives. God doing this work in my heart helped me to just look at it from a new angle. Praise God that He has helped me to be able to better understand the areas of my life in which I haven't been fulfilling Scripture. Ask God this week to show you those areas as well and trust Him to help you make the changes necessary.

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