Spending Time With "Sinners"
Anonymous - May 13, 2016

Recently I saw a quote posted by a non-believing family friend: “Be like Jesus: Spend enough time with sinners to ruin your reputation with religious people.” I wanted to tell him that really we were all sinners, and he should read in Romans 3:10:“As it is written: “There is none righteous, no, not one;...”

To to a non-believer, what is a sinner? If only they could see that because all of us are sinners, that no matter how “Religious” we are, we all need Jesus just as much as the next person. Every individual is different, with their own preconceptions and skeptical thoughts. When I don't know how to talk to a non-believer about these things, simple friendship will always lay a foundation for God's grace and love to work through. 

An unbeliever who needs prayer is most likely never going to come to me, or anyone else, and ask for it. I have to reach out to them, sometimes over and over again! Just to let them know I am there, just like Jesus is there, waiting for all of us to choose to come to Him. On the other hand, when I need prayer for specific things, I tend to ask the people I am close to, who know my situation, who I can share the uncomfortable things in my life with.

Jesus was so fluid in the way he talked to people. He approached each individual in a way that He knew would suit them, because He knows each of us more intimately than we even know ourselves. He was not afraid to speak to anyone. I will never know what God knows about the people I want to share Him with, or just how to unlock a hardened heart. Instead, Perhaps through reflecting God's love and patience in my life I can show others that God will always be waiting for them to see Him.

We were all born into this world of sin. Thank the Lord that he pulled us out so that we could follow Him and see clearly. The only way I can try to give that back is to reach out to others. Those that may not understand the power of Jesus over the power of sin. Only Jesus can truly open our eyes to see Him and the greatness of God's love, and become blind to the lies we have once believed.

...“For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.” - John 9:39

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