Grace and Truth
Anonymous - Sept. 23, 2016

John 1:17, "For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ."

Have you ever been to the circus, or seen those acrobats, balanced high, gracefully moving across that tightly strung rope almost effortlessly? If I tried, I would not take but a few steps before I would surely fall; I haven't had the practice, or learned the skill to walk that rope. Sometime I feel like life is like a tight-rope, and we try our best to keep our balance but with one misstep we will find ourselves pitched over the one side. There are so many opinions, so many views on what we should think and how we should act. So many watching, and waiting for us to slip.

In the Gospels we see that Jesus was constantly walking a tightrope as well. In fact the religious leaders were ever trying to trip Him up and cause him to stumble so that he would fall from the height of public opinion, so they wouldn't have to worry about Him anymore.

In John 8 we see that those leaders were again up to their tricks; in the past they had tested Jesus with laws and theories, now they were upping the ante by bringing some live bait. A woman had been caught in the act of adultery, what would the Rabbi say? Would there be condemnation, or mercy? Either way they thought Jesus would break the law, whether it was the Roman law that prohibited the Jews from exercising punishments, or the Jewish law which said that adultery was a capital offense. I love the response of Jesus, much has been speculated on what he wrote in the dirt that day that prompted some heavy conviction in even the most callous of these religious elite's hearts. We don't know what He wrote but we do know that they were changed by His actions. Instead of causing Jesus to plummet, He caused them to stop and think. Jesus was not tripped up because he wasn't influenced by them, because He had a heavenly perspective. Jesus had perfect balance. When He addressed the woman before Him, there were equal parts grace and truth. Jesus didn't condemn her sin, but he did recognize it, and in recognition there was an opportunity for repentance.

I so desperately need this perfect balance of grace and truth, to look with Jesus' eyes and not be disturbed because something looks like a particularly nasty sin. Jesus sees sin as sin, He sees it as that which separates us from the relationship that He desires to have with us, which cost Him His blood.

The world always wants to know which way we are going to lean, but I pray that as believers in the Perfect Picture of Balance, we will extend the grace that has been offered to us, through the medium of truth that declares the value of that grace.