Step by Step
Anonymous - Dec. 23, 2016

A few nights ago at a Bible study, we were reading in Acts chapter 10 where the Lord lowers a great sheet in front of Peter containing all kinds of beasts and God commands Peter to kill and eat them.  Peter refuses stating that, according to the law, the animals are unclean.  This process happens two more times until the Lord finally removes the sheet from Peter.  Despite Peter denying the Lord three times, the Lord had taught Peter exactly what He had intended to.  As Peter was given each step, he was made to seek God for both understanding and courage. When Peter was finally able to see how each of these steps were leading him to a work that the Lord had for him, he was able to praise the Lord for what He had done.

The thing that struck me about this passage was the way that God provided Peter with the exact nudge he needed to fulfill what God had planned for him.  It reminded me of how God deals with me and how He provides just the right amount of revelation and patience to allow me to understand His will.

I used to wonder why God didn’t just tell me what He wanted me to do.  I thought that if he would just let me know, it would be so much easier than allowing me to wonder about stumbling over myself as I try to figure out God’s calling on my life.  Over time, God has shown me that allowing me to walk through it step by step brings me closer to Him.  As I take each step or ponder each bit of revelation, I am forced to seek God and thus draw closer to Him.

Immediately after God removed the sheet from in front of him, Peter was called on by men who had been sent through a revelation God had given a Roman Centurion.  Peter was instructed to go with these men and as Peter took each step, he was forced to trust and seek God.  Through Peter's continued faithfulness in taking each step, God saved a Roman Centurion and his entire family while simultaneously setting the precedent that salvation was for the Jew and the Gentile.

When God shows me my next step, it routinely gives me more questions than answers and more concerns than comfort.  What I am continually learning is that this is purposeful.  God allows this process to happen so that I pray to Him for the answers and seek time with Him to find my comfort. As I do these things, God continues to provide step after step.  After a while, I am able to look back and see how each step connects and I am able to praise God for His faithfulness and provision.