God's Plan is Always Better
Anonymous - - June 30, 2017

I think one of the hardest things for me as a Christian is the fear of the unknown, not knowing what to expect. We are called to have the faith of a mustard seed; we are to trust God through the most difficult times, not ever knowing what the end result will be. But… it is also in these times where our hope in Jesus is our saving grace. Why? Because even though we don’t know what our end result will be, we know that we serve a good and loving God and we know that what the word of God says is true and that it never returns void.

Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

I am a planner! I like to have my calendar filled out for the month and I have it on my fridge where I can see it every day so that I know exactly what to expect when it comes. This gives me a sense of control over my life and I really like being in control. But ultimately, I am not in control. The Lord is! Over the past few years since I have been attending Calvary Chapel Paradise the Lord has made that very clear to me. The fact that our family attends Calvary Chapel Paradise is a prime example of how I make my plans; and then the Lord makes His…

I grew up at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley (now Calvary Chapel Las Vegas). My mom started going to church there when I was very young and I also graduated from Calvary Chapel Christian School. A little over three years ago Pastor Derek announced that they were going to be planting a church and Pastor Tim Warholic would be the head pastor. I thought, how great for the Warholics! They were good friends of ours and I would definitely be praying for them and the team that would be going with them! Little did I know that as we prayed for them we felt the Lord calling us to join them in this church plant. Here is my response, “No way Lord! My church home is Calvary Chapel Spring Valley! It has been and always will be! “ Now don’t get me wrong, we love Pastor Tim and Grace and their sweet family but MY plan was to stay where I was. It was comfortable for me. It was all that I knew. I could never leave! That would be crazy! It was the fear of the unknown. But as you can see, three years later, our family is diligently serving the Lord at Paradise Calvary Chapel and we are exactly where we are supposed be! Because God knows better than we do! The Bible says it best…

Proverbs 16:9, "A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps."

We can make our plans because it may give us a sense of control, but in the end the Lord’s plan is greater than anything we could ever imagine! And it will always work together for good!