Persevering In Love
Anonymous - July 28, 2017
Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. - 1 Peter 4:8
In this season of time, God has been showing me more about how to love unconditionally. What it looks like, feels like, and how to practice it. If love truly covers a multitude of sins, then my relationships with other believers should look different.
The main example of it for me was the certainty of my adoption from God. His Holy Spirit is in me as sure as my blood and that won't change. In the same way, if my “love” toward other people lined up with Scripture, then there should be nothing that anyone could ever do that would make me stop loving them. No matter how mean someone is to me, or if they constantly insult my God, there is still nothing that should make me stop being kind to them. This fact caused me to consider the depth of my relationships and even my perspective on relationships. It forced me to acknowledge if there were any grudges or unforgiveness that have held me back from pursuing deeper relationships with my heavenly brothers and sisters. A believers relationship with another believer can't grow stronger or go deeper through Christ if there is unforgiveness or a grudge in the way. There will always be people that we don't click with but if I kept the concept in my head that I dislike “Suzy” then I'm going to subconsciously stay away from her and not invest in a relationship. We are humans, which means there is going to be lots of disagreement and wanting to do things our own way, but most of all it means there is going to be people that we don't naturally connect with or get along with. But God's plan for us as believers is to be united in love so much so that its what we are known for throughout the earth. That is a lot of love! 
I want to make sure that I am giving my kids the example that true 1 Corinthians 13 love has no limits. If someone annoys us, or is mean to us, or takes advantage of us we have this awesome God who is more than happy and willing to supply us the strength to be patient and kind to that person. The more it's practiced, the faster the reaction becomes. 1 Corinthians 13 love calls into accountability the attitude of our heart. Whether I love someone or not will change the way I speak about them, think about them, and treat them. We are capable through Christ to choose against our flesh. Its something that has to happen everyday, on a moment by moment basis. When someone insults you - reach out to them in love. When someone seems constantly against us- invest in a deeper relationship with them by following the guideline of 1 Corinthians 13. When someone is super annoying - be warm and welcoming to them. Its a very humbling (and aggravating) process, but God is able to lead us into His love for people!