Destination: Eternity With God
Anonymous - Aug. 11, 2017

Our family recently went on a short vacation to Southern California. We went there to attend our friends wedding anniversary and of course to enjoy the world famous west coast beaches. As you can imagine our 3 year old daughter didn't care much about the party. It was the beach she could not wait to get to. We told her we were going to go about a month ago. She asked as about the trip everyday, including the whole 5 hour drive there. Her excitement could not be contained.

It reminded me of the trips I took as a kid, always anxious to leave and start the adventure. I would wake up early, make sure my bag was packed, and ensure no one was waking up late. I could not stop thinking and talking about it.

Now that I'm older, I still get excited about the trip but never to the extent I used to. There are all these other worries in my head; I'm making sure everything's ready not just for my self but the whole family. I want to work out all of the little details, anticipate different scenarios etc. The experience is not the same as that of a little kid.

All of this got me thinking about my final destination as a Christian. Obviously that ultimately is eternity with God. That's a lot better than a mere vacation in Southern California. It would make sense that I would be a lot more excited about it than taking any trip as a kid. But am I? 

The answer is yes, however I feel I'm not excited enough, or at least not often enough. See, as our vacation was approaching my daughter could not stop asking about it. It was a daily thing. I don't remind myself enough of where I'm headed as a follower of Jesus Christ. If I did I wouldn't struggle so much with feeling discouraged. I wouldn't be able to stop sharing about it with others. I wouldn't lose the eternal perspective we're all called to have.

When I first came to know Jesus, the excitement was overwhelming, but after a while it wasn't the same as that first love I had in the beginning (Rev. 2:4). It's like when I plan vacation as an adult versus a kid; I start to worry about other things in life, all of the little details. All that does though, is distract me from God.

Let's rejoice and be reminded: the day awaits where we will get to spend eternity in the presence of our God. 

Matthew 18:3