Let It Go
Anonymous - Dec. 25, 2017

  This title is not a reference to the music single from Disney’s “Frozen.” It’s a methodology for dealing with attacks from people who might look to harm us.  Someone once told me that the Christian thing to do when struck is to turn the other cheek.  I have heard this interpreted in multiple different ways and the majority of them seemed realistic or reasonable.  Life can be tough,  and the more people we invite into our inner circle the more relationships we are entrusted to juggle.  The more juggling, the more energy and time we need to put into the juggling in order to maintain these relationships.

     Recently, I had multiple blowouts with a coworker that wanted to attack me.  He wanted to prove my incompetence in order to excuse his lack of production.  His attempts were not successful but the damage was done from the attempted attacks.  I am the type who usually takes any attack whether personal or business related and it effects me deep in my core.  We all get hurt when someone tries to attacks us.  Some of us are better at hiding that pain and masking it.  I am not successful at hiding or masking.  For a short time, instead of letting them strike me, I struck them first and that made me feel better.  Unfortunately, that left a deep hole in my heart and a need to figure out what to do with pain from personal attacks, whether they were a believer or unbeliever.  The resolution that the Lord put on my heart was to “Let It Go.” 

     Sometimes as followers of Christ, we need to do nothing when we are attacked.  It doesn't matter what the attack is and that we are getting struck down.  Sometimes we need to take a page out of Jesus’ book and lay down peacefully, cast down our pride and do nothing.  God doesn't call His followers to be door mats in every instance but a majority of times He does.  In Ephesians we learn how we do not fight against flesh and blood but the battle exists in the spiritual realm.  When we go with our urge to fight then we sometimes lose our witness in humility and display our pride.  Pray for discernment when to stand for yourself and for Jesus to show you when He wants you to lay down your cross and absorb the pain in His Name!  Your reward will be in heaven and that is the only reward that we should really want!  So turn the other cheek and watch what God does.  


Matthew 5:38-39

You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.