His Everlasting Love And Mercy
Anonymous - April 9, 2018

As I began praying about what I was going to share, I was preparing a lesson for the K-5 Sunday school class for Wednesday evening and it was on Psalm 136.  If you know the Psalm, it ends each verse with the phrase, “for His mercy endures forever”.  I decided that I was going to use this phrase to help me get through as especially trying trial that I was going through, a car with an undiagnosed engine problem.  By doing this, it helped see the work that God was doing and not get frustrated worried, as I had begun doing in this situation.  So here are some of the mercies that God bestowed on me.

  • My car broke down in a grocery store parking lot. For His mercies endure forever.
  • I got towed to the dealership at no cost. For His mercies endure forever.
  • We were told that the repair may not be covered by the warranty and therefore a rental car would not be covered either. For His mercies endure forever.
  • Because we only had the one car, I got to spend more time with my wife as she drove me to work and shared the gospel with coworkers as they drove me home. For His mercies endure forever.
  • I was able to use two different family members’ cars while they weren’t being used on days that Crystal was working. For His mercies endure forever.
  • There would be no opportunity for us to buy a new car at this time.  We would have to wait on the repair, For His mercies endure forever.
  • We got the update that they still didn’t know if the car fix or replacement would be covered by the warranty. This after the dealership maintenance department had torn the engine apart and had the car for 10 days. For His mercies endure forever.
  • Continued opportunities to share about the situation at work and glorify the Lord. For His mercies endure forever.

This trial, as many do, have given me the chance to trust in him more and not lean on my own understanding of things.  I don’t know how a car of so few miles can be having these issues, but God is in control of it and his everlasting love and mercy will take care of us.  Repeating this phrase as different things happen to me from day to day over the past two weeks has made me more thankful of everything and much less worried and full of complaints.  I have been able to have great conversations about Jesus with multiple coworkers and, more special, my sister.

The shop still has my car and I don’t know what the out come will be, but I know that through God’s mercies the outcome will glorify Him and provide for my family as He sees fit and not how I do and in that I will continue to rejoice!

“Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.” Psalm 136:1