Lessons From My Dog Yogi
Anonymous - June 11, 2018

Bonnie and I have a giant schnauzer named Yogi.  Dogs are great aren't they?   I think even cat people can appreciate the loyalty of dogs.  They love you unconditionally and they rely on you for everything.  I heard of a young boy who prayed, "Dear Lord, please make me as good as my dog thinks  I am.”  They're happy just to hang with you wherever you go, they don't care where.  They don't worry about their next meal.  In Matthew 6:25 Jesus tells us not to worry about what you will eat or drink, if He feeds the birds, He will take care of you.  Well, dogs have that down pat, they trust us for everything.  I would like to be like that, where I rely on God for everything. So often I rely on other things foolishly. 

Yogi is definitely one of the family. I don't think he worries about why he was picked to be adopted into our family. I don't think he worries if he is good enough. There has been a lot of commercials on TV using little puppies lately.   Everybody loves puppies (even cat people). If the puppies were capable of thinking of such things, they might worry about why we love them when they pee on the floor, make messes and chew up shoes. "How could humans love me when I am so bad and do all of that?" I wonder all the time why God loves me when I'm so weak and disobedient, but Romans 8:15 - 17 tells us we are adopted and joint heirs with Christ!! We should be wagging our tails!  

Yogi is deceived easily. He never tires of chasing the laser light. He has stomped his large paw on it several times, I'm sure he doesn't feel it.  He has bitten it with an audible chomp and never felt it on his teeth. The light keeps going and he keeps chasing it and never catches it. How many things do we chase after that are illusionary, things that really won't satisfy. Jesus says in Matthew 6:33 to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that we need will be given to us.  

Yogi failed dog obedience school. Even the instructor couldn't  stop him from pulling too hard on a walk. Yogi pulled him all over the parking lot, he wasn't much bigger than Yogi.  He said that Yogi is a profound puller and had no advise to remedy the problem. When Yogi does obey us by coming or dropping some contraband we are very pleased with him. When we leave the house and are coming home, Yogi is watching out the front window waiting for us to return. It warms my heart to see him waiting for us.  God is pleased with us when we are obedient and wait for Him.

Lamentations 3:25 “The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.”