Taken Down A Peg
Anonymous - July 30, 2018

In my life, the sin of pride has been a reoccurring theme that I’ve struggled with even before I was saved. It’s not the only sin that I’ve had to deal with since God saved me, and He has helped me with a lot of those faults, but sometimes pride still rears it’s ugly head. I become puffed up in my success and I start to think I deserve the glory when it’s God that has done this in my life. Thankfully, He has the love and patience to head me off at the pass before I fall back into those old habits. 

Lately I’ve been feeling haughty, at work—also at home, even at church. I’ve reached a level within my company where my opinions and voice matter, I’m important. I was starting to believe that I deserved my respect, that I had earned it myself, maybe even deserved more; I was valuable, shouldn’t I be treated that way? I was feeling prideful. However, I recently made some mistakes that cost the company money, a lot of money. I wasn’t fired or anything like that, but I’ve lost the standing that I once had. It was humbling to say the least, and that’s when I realized the trap that I been walking right into. I had started to believe the sweet lies my pride had been telling me, that I had earned my position, when in reality all of my success has been a gift from God. 

Looking back on it now, it’s obvious that God was showing me that He had placed me where I am and that it wasn’t what I had earned; and God had to show me that He had blessed me with the gifts and talents that let me be in that situation. He knows what my spirit is, and that I was feeling prideful. It’s not unlike King Saul. God raised Saul up from his family to be king over Israel. He started out humble, but eventually he believed that he deserved the success that he had, but it all came from God. When Saul became too prideful and disobeyed God, God gave those blessings to someone else, King David.

King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a  fall.” Thankfully, my fall was that hard, and while it hurt, I know from past experience that it was for the best. I feel that God taking me down even a few pegs is saving me in the long run. He has blessed me with a great family, a wonderful wife, a successful job; and it’s easy to start to believe that these are things that I’ve earned. The Lord knows when our pride is getting the better of us, but He also knows when we recognize our failures and come before Him with a broken and contrite spirit.