Anonymous - Nov. 21, 2020

“Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God….Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire” (Psalm 104:1, 4).


Who can resist the Lord? Truly, who can stand in the day of He coming?
A bush in the desert, red-hot glowing, is more likely of surviving.
He searches the ends of the earth, with fire that blazes within His eyes;
Seeking to discern the hearts of men, and seeing through their truth and lies.
All our works had amounted to nothing. They were like fuel burnt up in a conflagration;
But exchanging our ashes for beauty, You made us rulers in Your holy nation.
As by venom from a burning bite, sin would cause us to wither like the grass,
But You crushed that fiery serpent, and trampled sin under feet of brass.

Kindle in me, oh Lord, the flames that from heaven fall,
Those Holy flames that give me strength to answer Your call. 
Purge my iniquity with the coals from Your alter,
Lest I speak with unclean lips, and in my weakness falter.
You purify my soul, separating silver from the dross,
Mark me with Your brand, so that they will know the power of Your cross.

Set up Your pillar to guide me, so that even in the night I may be warmed by Your provision;
For the night presses in about me, but under Your pillar’s light, I will survive all derision.
Even when they stoke the furnace of their wrath, to silence the words You share with me,
How can their power compare to Yours? Why do they contend with Your great fervency?
Don’t they know, that the heavens cannot withstand You? And mountains melt beneath Your feet?
Was I fool such as these? Did I boast as the rebel does, saying, “Him I will defeat!”?
You command an army of angels, each one in a chariot ablaze,
Fire and brimstone bend to Your will, the rebellious cities they will raze.

Sustain me in my weakness, send from heaven the Great Comforter down!
Holy Spirit, descend like tongues of flame, and rest on my lowly crown.
The passion of Your words burns within me, Oh Lord, and it burns within my soul!
They consume my bones and exhaust me to contain, Your glories I must extol!
You accept the gifts of our offering, consuming the wood, the stubble, and the hay;
And give us back gold and gems purified, even when what we owe we can’t repay!


“For our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29).