And His Name Will Be Called
Anonymous - Dec. 26, 2020

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

Jesus is called Wonderful, and anyone who has experienced Jesus at all would know that He is wonderful—amazing and beyond our comprehension. Every facet of Jesus’ character is too good for our understanding, too loving for our reasoning, and too gracious for our often-legalistic liking.
Jesus is the Counselor, too, and I love that idea. I try to be transparent with people, but there are only a few that I feel comfortable being counseled by. There is a degree of intimacy in asking for advice and finding a solution together. Jesus calls us into intimacy with Him, always wanting to lead us according to His will.
Jesus is also the Mighty God. Even the wind and the waves obey Him. He has called the lame to walk, the dead to wake, and the lepers to be clean. The human interaction that Jesus gladly engaged in showed the power and heart of Immanuel, God with us.
In calling Him Everlasting Father, we see a confirmation of the triune character of God. Even though Jesus didn’t cling to His divine rights, He was still fully God, and He brought down with Him a kingdom that had been lost since Eden.
Finally, Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. This is my favorite, because in a world of turmoil, chaos, and confusion, we have access to He who reigns in peace.
Jesus brings peace not only because He has a plan for us, but also because He is intimately acquainted with us. The very God of the universe, in whom all things are held together, desires to be with us in every moment and circumstance. He is willing to bear griefs, calm anxieties, and step into endless need.
Since Genesis, we’ve seen that God is present: engaging in the creation process, meeting the needs of Adam, walking in the garden in search of His children after the fall, speaking with Abram, guiding the nation of Israel, and constructing their government in a way that prompted relationship with Him. The history of mankind tells the story of a God who desires to be in the midst of His creation, no matter how far we run.
“Given” is interesting in the verse from Isaiah. God loved the world and He gave His only Son—bestowed, provided, permitted, issued, published, uttered, assigned, granted, and entrusted to us. It was with this heart that God sent the clearest picture of Himself He could give. The reconciliation of the world was not just for the redemption of mankind; it was so that God might once again dwell with His people.