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Finding Our identity:

2022 Monthly Women's Retreat

(September-December 2022)

Throughout the fall and winter of 2022, the ladies of Paradise gather once a month for a day-long retreat, culminating with the Ladies’ Christmas Social in December. The theme of the retreat is identity in Christ.

  • Session One: September
    Grace Warholic shares about humanity’s original design as being “image bearers” of God, and how the fall caused a breach in our representation of Him.
  • Session Two: October
    Grace Warholic, Valorie Chadwick, and Jan Wagner share about the importance of journalling, silence, solitude, and self-evaluation, and what those disciplines look like on a practical level.
  • Session Three: November
    Michelle Taylor shares about what it means to care for the image of God.
  • Session Four: December Ladies’ Social
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The Formation of Godly Character

(August – November 2022)

In this series through Ezra and Nehemiah, Pastor Timothy Warholic shares about the cause of Israel’s exile into Babylon, yet how God is ultimately a God of restoration.

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(May-July 2022)

In this three-part topical sermon series, Pastor Timothy Warholic shares an in-depth look at the person and works of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, and the Fruit of the Spirit.

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Hidden in Plain Sight:

The Means of Human Flourishing

(April-May 2022)

When we look in awe at the Grand Canyon, we don’t often consider the river at the bottom that is carving and shaping it. In the same way, we can easily miss the means by which an immovable, unshakable Christian is established. In this two-part miniseries, Pastor Jeremy Bair delves into the doxology of Romans 16, examining four means by which we can be shaped into Christians with firm faith and flourishing spirits.

Quotes from This Series:

Quotes from This Series:




(January-March 2022)

Paradise Calvary Chapel’s motto since its earliest days has been “KNOW. LOVE. LIVE.” (You can read our mission statement here.) In this sermon series, Pastor Timothy Warholic harkens back to Paradise’s foundational concepts found in 1st John.

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You Know:

(August 2021)

In this two-part miniseries, Pastor Shaun Havelaar shares through the account of Abram and Hagar about how God’s understanding is above ours, and about how He interacts with us as individuals.

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Real wisdom:

(July 2021)

In this two-part miniseries, Pastor Timothy Warholic shares through 1st Corinthians about how God’s wisdom contrasts that of the world.

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real church:


(October 2020-February 2021)

Building on the series through 1st Corinthians entitled, “Real Church,” Pastor Timothy Warholic looks through 2nd Corinthians to expose the honest truth about the struggles that Christians go through. 



(February-June 2016)

A study through the book of Hebrews by Pastor Timothy Warholic.

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Guest speakers and standalone sermons: