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Human Doings:

A Study Through the Book of Galatians

(April 2023 – Present)

People have a tendency to swing to one extreme or the other: either to ungodly legalism and control, or to freedom that indulges sinful flesh. Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatians addresses the need to come back to the center: the Gospel is not about what we do or don’t do, but rather who we are in Christ.

  • Part One: Human Being, or Human Doing?
    Are you burdened with knowing what rules you need to follow to be a good enough Christian? Pastor Timothy Warholic digs into Galatians 1 about the freedom that is lost when we shift our focus onto “doing” rather than “being.”
  • Part Two: Anathema!
    Do you ever question if you are truly saved? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by countless rules that make you feel like you are doomed to fail? Pastor Timothy Warholic digs into Galatians 1 about how the gift of salvation is given with no strings attached.
  • Part Three: Divine Invention!
    How can we tell that the Gospel wasn’t invented by flawed people? How can our testimony reveal that the Gospel is set apart from other faiths? Pastor Timothy Warholic digs into Galatians 1 about how the Gospel is contrary to anything humans could create apart from the divine.
  • Part Four: The Culture Factor
    Do you ever feel pressured in doing things the “right way,” whether by the church or by the culture? Have you been told you aren’t a “real” Christian unless you do certain things a certain way? Pastor Timothy Warholic digs into Galatians 2 about cultural influence,  legalistic ritual, and the boldness to confidently say you are saved in Christ.
  • Part Five: I Pledge Allegiance
    What does it mean to be saved by faith? What purpose does the Law have in relation to faith? Pastor Timothy Warholic digs into Galatians 3 about the Greek translation of “faith” and how, while we aren’t saved by works, our faith inevitably invokes action.
  • Part Six: Be. Family.
    What changes when we become children of God? What is different about being a part of God’s family? Pastor Timothy Warholic digs into Galatians 4 about our transition from slaves to adopted heirs.


Easter 2023

(March – April 2023)

Paradise Calvary Chapel spends Lent of 2023, leading up to Easter service,  in this series about God’s deliverance of His people.

  • Bondage
    Pastor Timothy Warholic shares through Exodus 1-2 about God’s deliverance of His people from the bondage of Egypt, and how He delivers us today in much the same way.
  • Preparation
    Pastor Timothy Warholic shares through Exodus 3-4 about God’s power and control that was revealed as He prepared Moses to be an instrument of deliverance.
  • Passover Lamb
    Pastor Timothy Warholic shares through Exodus 12 and John 12 about Passover, and God’s ultimate plan for our deliverance that was revealed all the way back in the time of Moses.
  • Good Friday
    In a very somber, worship-focused communion service, Pastor Timothy Warholic reflects on the night of Christ crucifixion.
  • Easter Sunday: The Deliverer Lives!
    Pastor Timothy Warholic shares through the account of the disciples discovering Jesus resurrected.

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An Archive of Lessons from the 2023 Tour

(February 2023)

Every year, Paradise Calvary Chapel looks forward to taking a team to tour the Holy Land. As the team visits historical sites, leaders of the trip open up Scripture to look at relevant passages. It is so beneficial to be able to put cultural and geographical context to the Scriptures we read every day. In 2023, some of these sermons and historical studies were recorded in hopes that they’ll bring greater understanding to familiar passages.

  • What’s Up with Israel?
    After returning back to the United States, a few members of the team share about their experience. Grace Warholic shares a timeline of Israel’s history from Abraham to present day, and Paster Timothy Warholic shares through Romans about the promises and significance associated with Israel.


An Introduction to the Early Church

(January-February 2023)

Despite our culture’s push for individualism, the church was always meant to be a body. Throughout this series, Pastor Timothy Warholic opens the book of Acts to take a close look at the history of the early church, and their devotion to four elements: the apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer.

  • Part One: The Promise of the Father
    Paster Timothy Warholic shares through Acts 1 about how the  promised Holy Spirit brings the church together as one body. Also, on-furlough missionary Jamie Hogan shares an update on his ministry in Romania. 
  • Part Two: Restoration, Repurposing, and Reunification
    Paster Timothy Warholic shares through Acts 2 about how the Holy Spirit reunified people, and introduces the four elements to which the new believers devoted themselves. 
  • Part Three: The Apostles’ Doctrine:
    Paster Timothy Warholic shares through Acts 3 about the importance and impact of God’s Word on our lives, and how one of the enemy’s favorite tactics is to make us question it. 
  • Part Four: Fellowship
    Paster Timothy Warholic shares through Acts 3-4 about koinonia fellowship, and how actively participating in each other’s spiritual growth gives opportunity for us to unite with God and see His wonderful works. 
  • Part Five: Breaking of Bread
    On Paradise Calvary Chapel’s 9th anniversary, Paster Timothy Warholic shares through Acts 6 about the breaking of bread: what it symbolizes, why it’s important, and how it takes work. 
  • Part Six: Prayer
    Paster Timothy Warholic closes the series by sharing through Acts 6 about the conversational nature of prayer, and the power that can come from it.
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The Great Light:

Advent 2022

(November-December 2022)

Through the lighting of weekly advent candles, the pastors of Paradise take a close look at the great light–Jesus Christ–who stepped down into and forever changed the world of darkness.

  • Part One: Behold, the Man!
    Paster Jeremy Bair lights the Prophecy Candle, representing the hope of Jesus’ coming, and shares through Zechariah 6 about how Jesus was prophesied to break the cycle in which humanity was trapped. 
  • Part Two: Humble Bethlehem
    Paster Larrie Palmer lights the Bethlehem Candle, representing the love that invoked Jesus’ birth, and shares about how Jesus entered the world in quiet humility, not with self-glorifying fanfare. 
  • Part Three: The Good Shepherd
    Paster Timothy Warholic lights the Shepherd’s Candle, representing the joy the world experiences because of Jesus’ birth, and shares about how Jesus is the good shepherd who laid down His life for us, His sheep. 
  • Part Four: Presence of Peace
    Paster Jeremy Bair lights the Angel’s Candle, representing the message of peace given by the angels upon Christ’s birth, and shares about how Christ brings a peace for our souls despite the spiritual war raging around us. 
  • Part Five: The Great Light
    Pastor Timothy Warholic shares a special Christmas Eve message about how Christ is the great light of the world, and the congregation of Paradise Calvary Chapel lights an entire sanctuary full of candles to welcome Christmas.

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Finding Our identity:

2022 Monthly Women's Retreat

(September-December 2022)

Throughout the fall and winter of 2022, the ladies of Paradise gather once a month for a day-long retreat, culminating with the Ladies’ Christmas Social in December. The theme of the retreat is identity in Christ.

  • Session One: September
    Grace Warholic shares about humanity’s original design as being “image bearers” of God, and how the fall caused a breach in our representation of Him.
  • Session Two: October
    Grace Warholic, Valorie Chadwick, and Jan Wagner share about the importance of journalling, silence, solitude, and self-evaluation, and what those disciplines look like on a practical level.
  • Session Three: November
    Michelle Taylor shares about what it means to care for the image of God.
  • Session Four: December Ladies’ Social
    Coming soon
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The Formation of Godly Character

(August – November 2022)

In this series through Ezra and Nehemiah, Pastor Timothy Warholic shares about the cause of Israel’s exile into Babylon, yet how God is ultimately a God of restoration.

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(May-July 2022)

In this three-part topical sermon series, Pastor Timothy Warholic shares an in-depth look at the person and works of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, and the Fruit of the Spirit.

HIPS 2 week series

Hidden in Plain Sight:

The Means of Human Flourishing

(April-May 2022)

When we look in awe at the Grand Canyon, we don’t often consider the river at the bottom that is carving and shaping it. In the same way, we can easily miss the means by which an immovable, unshakable Christian is established. In this two-part miniseries, Pastor Jeremy Bair delves into the doxology of Romans 16, examining four means by which we can be shaped into Christians with firm faith and flourishing spirits.

Quotes from This Series:

Quotes from This Series:




(January-March 2022)

Paradise Calvary Chapel’s motto since its earliest days has been “KNOW. LOVE. LIVE.” (You can read our mission statement here.) In this sermon series, Pastor Timothy Warholic harkens back to Paradise’s foundational concepts found in 1st John.

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You Know:

(August 2021)

In this two-part miniseries, Pastor Shaun Havelaar shares through the account of Abram and Hagar about how God’s understanding is above ours, and about how He interacts with us as individuals.

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Real wisdom:

(July 2021)

In this two-part miniseries, Pastor Timothy Warholic shares through 1st Corinthians about how God’s wisdom contrasts that of the world.

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real church:


(October 2020-February 2021)

Building on the series through 1st Corinthians entitled, “Real Church,” Pastor Timothy Warholic looks through 2nd Corinthians to expose the honest truth about the struggles that Christians go through. 



(February-June 2016)

A study through the book of Hebrews by Pastor Timothy Warholic.

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Guest speakers and standalone sermons: